Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Research Committee

On Monday, December 28, the 'research committee' for the Lord Family History got together at Zana Kaufman's house for some homemade chili, conversation, and a lot of planning.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Frank Owen Lord and Dorotha Smith Lord (circa 1949?) at 'Home Place' in eastern Howard County.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Henry Orval Lord Memories by Howard Lord (interview by Brian Lord, Dec ’08)

Henry Orval Lord Memories by Howard Lord (interview by Brian Lord, Dec ’08)

When grandpa (Frank Orlando Lord) died, dad (Henry Orval) filled in the balance of his term. He was in as commissioner two terms. I remember some of his campaign cards. He ran for a third term, or second full term. He got beat. Afterward, he said “I got whupped”. Or something liked that, the older people would say. Dad called the car a machine, and the trunk a boot. I didn’t understand that. He was a Republican. Landa was a county commissioner in Grant County. Johnny McGraw and his family, they were democrats. Johnny and I went to register to vote in Greentown. When they found out our names, that I was a Lord and he was a McGraw, they couldn’t believe we rode in to town together, even though they were Democrats and we were Republicans. And McGraw? Well, he beat Landa in the last election. That winter, McGraw got us to plow roads in the snow. We worked about 16 hours for him. I went in to get paid, and when they found out I was a Lord, they couldn’t believe McGraw let us in.. “How did you get in here!?!?” they said. “No one asked me my politics when they asked me to plow snow,” I replied. I was born in 1927. Lynville died when I was young. Zana, Mellicent, and Joanne, and Frank are all my siblings.

(to be continued)

Frank Orlando Lord Memories by Howard Lord

Henry Orval Lord Memories by Howard Lord (interview by Brian Lord, Dec ’08)

Frank Orlando Lord and his wife lived with us a little before she died. I was 5 or 6 when she passed away, and I’m 80 now. He was a very likable fellow, and raised dogs and horses. They had five boys in dad’s family. He raised Belgian work horses at Poplar Grove Stock Farm, where Stacy lives now. After he passed away, my parents lived there. Grandpa’d sit there by her oven stove to keep warm. He was a county commissioner.