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Letitia (Reed) Lord

Wife of Andrew Lord

Letitia Reed ( - 1875)

Born to Ebenezer Read and Sarah Chapin. Letitia married Andrew Lord and had 10 children. She passed away on 1875 in Rushville, Indiana, USA.


From: Tom Robison <>
Subject: [inrush] BILLINGS Delaware/Ohio/Indiana
Date: Sat, 14 Feb 2004 02:32:38 -0500

The biography below is tantalizing to me, because this gentleman was born
and raised in the same county in Delaware, and moved to the same county in
Ohio, as my GGG-Grandmother Claracy BILLINGS.

She was born 7 May 1810 and died 11 Dec 1910. In January of 1837 she
married Wm. TRUITT in Butler Co. Ohio. He was her second husband. Her first
was John HANCOOK. (yes, HanCOOK). They were married in 1827 in Delaware,
and had three sons. John died in 1834. After marrying Wm. TRUITT, they
moved to Rush Co. Indiana, where she had five children, including the first
twins born in Rush Co.

It is known she had a brother named Elijah. Is James, noted below, also
perhaps a brother?

Tom Robison


History of Rush County Indiana, 1888
Brant & Fuller, Chicago
Page 370 & 371

James Billings, and old citizen of Center Township, was born in Kent County,
Del; October 27, 1816, being the son of James and Nellie (Bostic) Billings,
who were also natives of Delaware, the former of English descent and the
latter of English-American descent. His father was the son of Everett Billings,
who was a native of England. His mother was the daughter of Shadrich Bostic.
He was reared upon a farm in his native county, and at twenty years of
age he came westward to Butler County Ohio, where he resided for a period
of eighteen years. While there, he was chiefly employed at chopping wood
and making rails. In October 1854, he came to Rush County, Indiana, a resident
of which he has been ever since. He was married in Union Township, this
county, to Miss Mary Ann Lord, December 2, 1856. She is also a native of
Kent County, Del., born May 16, 1823, being the daughter of Andrew and
Letitia (Reed) Lord, both of whom were also natives of Kent County, Del.,
the former of English and German descent, and the latter of Scotch descent.
Her father was the son of Henry and Jennie Lord, and her mother was the
daughter of Ebenezer and Sarah Reed. Mr. And Mrs. Billings entered upon
their married life in Union Township. In October 1872, they removed to
Center Township, and they have ever since occupied their present home.
They have two children: Martha E, born December 12, 1857, married to Terrence
McMannis January 4, 1877, she died Mary 5, 1880 leaving one child, Clara
G, born December 31, 1877, their second child is Henry L C., who was born
October 24, 1860, and is now at home with his parents. Mr. Billings is
a member of the Christian Church. In politics, Mr. Billings is an ardent
Republican. He owns ninety acres of land, nearly all of which is in

Tom Robison

History is the lie commonly agreed upon.

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